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Archival description
M · Fonds · 1930-1985

Manuscripts, transcripts and offprints received from various sources.

An artificial collection of written works by various authors in the field of psychoanalysis, comprising small collections and individual items, including manuscripts (original and copies) and transcripts of interviews and lectures. Among the authors included are Otto Fenichel, Edward Glover, Barbara Lantos, Karin Stephen and Lilla Veszy-Wagner.

Benedict | Ruth Fulton
Marion Milner collection
P01 · Fonds · 1898-1998

Professional, personal and family material related to Marion Milner. A substantial section of the papers relates to Milner's work with or about other people, mainly psychoanalysts and artists. There is also a long series of illuminating personal diaries and other fascinating series of papers relating to her work, interests and family.

Milner | Nina Marion | née Blackett
Joan Riviere collection
P02 · Fonds · 1883-2006

Professional, personal and family material related to Joan Riviere including: professional papers, namely correspondence and copies of a published article; letters received after her death by her daughter, Diana Riviere; personal and genealogical material; photographs.

Riviere | Joan Hodgson | née Verrall
John Rickman collection
P03 · Fonds · 1915-2003

John Rickman's writings and lectures on psychoanalysis and other subjects, plus papers and correspondence related to his professional activities, including military service during the Second World War.
A large proportion of the collection relates to Rickman's publications, including his papers, reviews and lectures, as well as the papers of the editors who published his papers posthumously. In addition there is material related to his work with the British Psychoanalytical Society and British Psychological Society, as well as his psychiatric work during military service during the Second World War, his post-war activities and his work with the Peckham Pioneer Health Centre. The collection also contains professional correspondence with colleagues including Wilfred Bion, Sándor Ferenczi and Géza Róheim and correspondence regarding the emigration of European analysts prior to and during the Second World War. Also included are cuttings albums, notebooks and photographs of Rickman and colleagues.

Rickman | John
Ernest Jones collection
P04 · Fonds · 1899-1993

Ernest Jones' writings and lectures, including papers concerning his three-volume biography of Sigmund Freud, plus professional papers, correspondence, press cuttings and personal material.

The majority of the material in this collection concerns Jones' three-volume biography of Sigmund Freud and his extensive correspondence with psychoanalytic colleagues in Europe, the USA and elsewhere. Also included are other writings and lectures, plus recordings and scripts of radio broadcasts; professional papers, especially concerning the International Psychoanalytical Association; press cutting albums; photographs of Jones, Sigmund Freud and other colleagues; and personal and posthumous material.

Jones | Alfred Ernest
Marjory Franklin collection
P05 · Fonds · 1933-1973

Published and personal papers of Marjorie E Franklin.
The collection contains pamphlets and journals relating to Marjorie Franklin's work on environmental therapy, a copy of a letter to Franklin from the widow of Sandor Ferenczi and four photographs of Franklin.

Franklin | Marjorie Ellen
C D Daly collection
P06 · Fonds · 1921-c.1950

A book manuscript and Daly's dream journals, as well as artwork, prints and glass negatives showing mainly Hindu iconography.

The collection comprises a book manuscript by Daly entitled, 'Further contributions to the theory of psychic evolution: an applied anthropological and psycho-analytical study of the feminine taboos', along with his handwritten dream notebooks dealing with subjects such as pregnancy, menstruation and his own analyses with Freud and Ferenczi. Also included are an assortment of artwork, prints and glass negatives showing various images including Hindu iconography.

Some of Daly's manuscripts and his correspondence with Sigmund Freud on the menstruation complex were destroyed by fire during the Blitz.

Daly | Claud Dangar
Tom Main collection
P07 · Fonds · 1943-1992

Main's psychoanalytic writings, broadcasts and recordings as well as papers concerning the Cassel Hospital, Michael Balint's workshops on short-term psychotherapy and the Hampstead Child Therapy Clinic.
The majority of the material in the collection is related to Main's literary output, including published and unpublished papers (many focusing on hospital care and the treatment of neuroses) and lectures, reviews and offprints. Also included are broadcasts and recordings of Main, with some associated transcripts and correspondence. Additionally there are papers concerning the work and history of the Cassel Hospital, the methods and therapeutic results of Michael Balint's workshops on short-term psychotherapy and psychiatric interviews, and the Hampstead Child Therapy Clinic 'Index' of psychoanalytic cases.

Main | Thomas Forrest
P08 · Fonds · 1965-1995: 1965-1972; 1994-1995; some dates inferred

Personal letters written by the psychoanalyst Edward Glover to Thelma Lebeaux (née Hakkarainen), later the wife of the American psychiatrist Lincoln Lebeaux MD. The letters cover a seven-year period, although some appear to be missing and some items are incomplete. In the letters, Glover discusses professional, personal and domestic matters; he also briefly describes his relationship with his brother, the psychoanalyst James Glover (letter dated 11 Mar 1966). There is also a small amount of additional material, including obituaries of Edward Glover and Lincoln Lebeaux and letters from the depositor, as these provide interesting background information.

Glover | Edward George